We can help you deal with your back rent

The COVID-19 crisis has left millions of Americans with rent debts they can't hope to pay back. Our tool helps you work out a deal that's in your interests–and your landlord's.

Landlords will
discount rent

A recent survey of landlords found 1 in 3 have already offered rent discounts during the coronavirus crisis. At least as many tenants owe back rent right now.
Many more landlords will be willing to accept a partial settlement when they realize they can't evict a third of their tenants!

Asking for a settlement takes minutes

Whether you can only pay a token sum like 10% of your rent arrears, or you just need time to pay and 10% off the balance would be helpful, our settlement letter generator can help you.
It takes a couple of minutes to write a clear, formal letter–it could keep you in your home or spare your savings

Settle now
 and avoid eviction

Eviction cases that go to trial can cost landlords as much as $5,000 in legal and court fees.
They also lose months of rent when the unit is being re-rented.
Even if you need a big discount to settle your rent arrears, it usually makes sense for landlords to compromise.

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How it works

If you're looking for how to arrange a settlement for back rent you owe, our landlord letter generator can help! Writing a letter to your landlord to request a back rent reduction is the first step to staying in your home. Eviction cases can cost landlords thousands of dollars–it usually makes sense for them to agree to a settlement you can afford. Our landlord letter generator creates a well-written, professionally formatted letter for you, and helps you decide on a suitable offer for your back rent. It's easy to use and takes less than 5 minutes!

Our landlord letter generator makes sure your landlord understands that you want to pay the money you owe, and that you're asking for a reasonable discount. It minimizes misunderstandings by being very clear and polite about the discount you're asking for. The settlement request letter is written in a way that makes it easy for your landlord to say yes to your offer.