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The information landlords don't want you to have

Here's what you get when you rent with Augrented


Risk & safety reports

From code violations and 311 calls to court dockets, Augrented has all the data on every rental.


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See how the buildings you're interested in stack up—sort by size, age or quality to find the perfect rental for you! 


Landlord information

The only source for landlord information, including contact and portfolio details, made just for their customers!

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Simple, all-in pricing

Unlimited reports for buildings in every city we cover.


  • Unlimited access to all our data.
  • $10 per month/$00/year
  • PDF download
  • Excel & CSV export
  • Compare unlimited buildings
  • Alerts for your home building
  • Renter use only


  • Unlimited access to all our data.
  • $50 per month/$400/yr
  • Unlimited access to all our data.
  • $10 per month/$00/year
  • PDF download
  • Professional & commercial use (consumer credit or resident screening uses prohibited)
  • Cannot leave reviews or change any aspect of reports


  • Tailored solutions for your multifamily risk data needs
  • Also available through Cherre
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Renter pricing available to tenants of buildings we cover and apartment seekers (verification of status may be required for out-of-city billing addresses).