Building & Landlord Data for 579 39Th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Renter Risk Rating

69% chance of no major maintenance issues next year

Moderate Risk Building

Apartments at 579 39Th Ave are more likely to have maintenance issues than 39% of SF rentals.

Building Overview
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Total Apartments 1
Class Multi-Family Residential
Area 1646 sq ft
Stories 1
Owner Name Cabrillo Construction Co In
Owner Since 02/21/18

Code Violations

DBI violations


311 & DBI complaints


Fire violations & incidents

Building records

Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Violation Description Status
03/02/99 04/23/99 Repair damaged ceilings (1001b,h,o hc) Rear bedroom. Not active
03/02/99 04/23/99 Provide heat to each occupied habitable room for 13 hrs between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. capable to maintaining a min. room temp. of 68 degrees f. (20 degrees c.). (701c hc) A permanent source of heat is required. plumbing or electrical permit required. Portable spacae heaters are not permitted to replace inoperable gas space heaters. Not active
03/02/99 04/23/99 Locate source of water damage (703, 1001f hc) Rear bedroom. Not active
03/02/99 04/23/99 Repair source of water damage (703,1001f hc) Rear bedroom. Not active
03/02/99 04/23/99 Other plumbing and/or electrical violations Cap open drains in basement at site of illegal apartment removal and at exterior vent adjacent to the rear stairs. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Other fire violations Repair the broken glass pane for the fire extinguisher box on the 1st floor corridor. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Other plumbing and/or electrical violations At the time of inspection the electrical panel cover for apartment # 10 was removed, exposing live wire. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Repair window glazing seal (1001(h),(j),& 708 hc) Repair the window glass pane at the bottom of the rear stair next to the garden. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 This notice includes violations for the areas noted. 1335 clay st Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Paint ceilings (1001b,1301 hc) When all repair has been completed, paint the area where required. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Provide self-closing devices at exterior doors (706 hc) Provide a self closing device for the lobby door which exit to the garbage and side passage area. provide a self closing device for the rear yard gate. the existing rear yard closing device is broken. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Provide shutoff tool for gas utility shutoff (712 hc) Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Other security violations Reattach the hinge for the side exit door at the front of the building, and maintain all door in good operating condition. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Disturbing lead based paint can be extremely dangerous to dwelling occupants and visitors, particularly to young children, pregnant women, pets, and to people performing work on the premises. for interior or exterior paint removal : always wet the surface, contain and properly dispose of leaded paint. if you are unsure whether the paint is leaded, you should test it prior to performing any work. if the paint is found to contain lead, you should consult with an expert about appropriate procedures. proper containment and 3-day notification is required for exterior jobs of more than 10 sq.ft. (sec.3604, sfbc) informational packets are available at (415) 558-6088. you can contact the san francisco childhood lead poisoning prevention program at: (415) 554-8930 for free advice. if you cause lead dust to be created, you could be liable for any illness caused by the dust. ordinance #446-97. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Remove egress obstruction at (801,1001(l) hc) Remove all items off of the rear stair and the fire escape, so as not to obstruct the means of egress. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Remove or cover damaged paint in an approved manner to prevent a lead hazard. see attached lead hazard warning. (1301 hc) Remove all loose peeling paint in a safe and proper manner, on the ceiling at the top floor corridor next to apt# 9 Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Inspector comments Access to the boiler room will be required at the time of reinspection. Not active
01/06/98 05/17/99 Provide minimum 135 degree viewer for entry doors of following units (max mounting ht of 58") (706 hc) Provide a clear laminate for the existing apartment entry door viewer or seal and provide a 135 dergree door viewer. when 135 dergree viewer if installed, will need to be installed at 58" off of the floor. Not active
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Division Description Status Number
11/20/17 Building Inspection Division The property at this address built a metal structure on their roof causing rain water to fall onto neighboring houses. Active 201720511
04/07/17 Building Inspection Division Going beyond scope of 201612024070 - view is blocked on the third floor for the neighbor on the right side. not according to plans according to complaintant. a different version of plans presented did not show the blockage of the view. Not Active 201772651
03/02/99 04/23/99 Housing Inspection Services 1. no heat no heating source. inadequate insulation, plaster in ceiling falling down (bedroom), basement is flooded with raw sewage, and chimney problems Not Active 199919532
02/02/98 02/03/98 Housing Inspection Services No heat in my illegal basement apartment & only uses a small heater. Not Active 199811968
01/21/98 Plumbing Inspection Division Work telephone #751-2541, ext. 25 upper unit apartment is backing up sewage in the basement apartment. plumber have been called on several occassion, problem still exists. copy of receipt attached. Active 199811667
01/06/98 05/17/99 Housing Inspection Services Sewage backup at shower drain and floods bathroom. also, toilet doesn't flush properly. Not Active 199811307
03/29/95 09/21/95 Housing Inspection Services Collapsed garage ceiling. danger to public. Not Active H9501386
Source: SF 311, City & County of San Francisco
Date Category Agency Type Details Status
Source: SF Department of Public Health
Date Business Name Inspection Type Violation Risk Score
Source: SF Fire Department
Violation Date Close Date Address Description Penalty Amount Status
Source: SF Fire Department
Date Primary Situation Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Complaint Date Disposition Date Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Inspection Date Correction Date Description Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Cost Description Status Number
08/03/17 $3000 Basement - installation of a new sprinkler monitoring system. ref pa #201307151829 & sprinkelr #201610180540. Complete 201708033799
07/27/17 $600 1st unit - repair handrail on interior stairs. Complete 201707273069
12/02/16 $575 Enclose lightwell and reconfigure stairs from 2nd floor to 3rd floor per app#201307151829 Complete 201612024070
10/18/16 $18000 Install the fire sprinkler systems throughout the new 2 units, remodel house per nfpa-13r under pa #201307151829. Complete 201610180540
08/03/16 $ Per pa #201307151829, add address to top unit at block 1505, lot 014 as: 581 39th ave. Issued M710447
01/20/16 $1 Temporary earth shoring to accomodate earthwork for new contruction. support prev app 201307151829 Complete 201601207403
07/15/13 $580000 Erect 3 stories, 1 basement,2 dwelling units. Complete 201307151829
07/15/13 $20000 Demolish one single family, 2 stories. Complete 201307151837
04/20/98 $2000 Disassemble 1 kitchen remove sink & all appliances 2 bath Complete 9806778
04/12/95 $12000 Repair/replace in kind roof & drain system Complete 9505316
03/30/95 $3000 Remove damaged structure & debrie for future repair Expired 9504549
12/18/91 $5500 Reroofing Complete 9123854
07/20/88 $7500 Cut off bases of intermediate walls, new raised concrete Complete 8809977
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Description Status Number
03/22/18 Install 2 stop 950 lb residential elevator wiring with 2 hall stations and 2 stop controller Complete E201803221860
01/19/18 Installation of a sprinkler monitoring system Complete EW201801190491
07/27/17 Install (1) rear patio light, 1 light. Complete E201707276614
06/22/17 Rewire the whole house 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 1 kitchen 1 living room 1 dinner room 1 laundry room Complete EW201706226266
07/20/16 Rewire whole house and new service Complete EW201607209470
06/08/16 Temporary 100 amp service Complete EW201606088635
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Type Status Number
12/11/17 Complete PP20171211039 09/26/17 Expired PP20170926043 07/27/17 Complete PP20170727387 10/20/16 Expired PP20161020006 06/28/16 Complete PP20160628669
Source: SF Planning
Date Address Description Developer
12/08/16 579 39Th Ave 94121 E-Condo: 2 Residential Units New Condominium Petty, Michelle
12/05/16 579 39Th Ave 94121 enclose a lightwell and reconfigure stairs from 2nd floor to 3rd floor. Work was approved per permit 201307151829. , CHEN RUO WU
04/16/14 579 39Th Av, San Francisco, Ca 94121 Demolish existing SFD and replace with two units, two off-street parking spaces. Pashelinsky, William
12/27/12 579 39Th Av, San Francisco, Ca 94121 Demo existing building and new construction
12/27/12 579 39Th Av, San Francisco, Ca 94121 Demo existing building and new construction Pashelinsky, William
Source: Department of Finance
Date Disclosed Date Agreed Amount Number of Tenants
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Address Units Class Code
0581 0579 39Th Av 1 Flats & Duplex
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Tier Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Affidavit Date

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