Building & Landlord Data for 99 Battery Pl, Manhattan, NY 10280

High Risk Building

Apartments at 99 Battery Pl, Manhattan are more likely to have maintenance issues than 76% of NYC rentals.

  • 50% chance of no major maintenance issues next year
  • 36% chance of one major maintenance issue next year
  • 14% chance of multiple major maintenance issues next year

Building Information

Total Apartments 293
Registered Rent Stabilized Apartments (2017 tax bills) None
Building Listed as Rent Stabilized by the RGB False
Building Class Rm
Year Built 1988
Zoning Code BPC
Area 251929 sq ft
Stories 28
Tax Abatements None

Landlord Details

Role Name Address
Corporate Owner Liberty View Condominium.Assoc 99 Battery Place, New York
Head Officer Steve Rossi 99 Battery Pl, New York
Officer Donald Nelson 99 Battery Pl, New York
Shareholder Edward Milstein 335 Madison Ave, New York
Agent Darryl Rankin 99 Battery Place, New York

Building Data Preview

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Housing Protection Department Code Violations (0 found)

Environmental Control Board Violations (10 found)

Date Number Respondent Description Status Penalty Balance Due
1990/04/24 34041279Z Timko Constracting Failure To Comply With Safety Program, Program & Plans. Remedy: Stop All Work-comply With Site Safty Program Rule & Regulations As Perlocalaw 45/83 And Reinspection By This Dept. Resolve $575.00 $.00
2016/12/13 35202003Z Liberty View Condominium Unofficial,unsafe,unsuitable Electrical Equipment,apparatus,materials Devices,appliances Or Wiring In Use.'temporary Wiring'roof To/mechanical Room:temporary Panels Are Not Secured(gfci)is Not Suitable For The Resolve $1600.00 $.00
1990/06/15 34040301L S.j.f. Const. Corp Wedges Use In Reshores Withnen Ten Feet Of Facadw. Reshores Not Secured On The Following Floors 7th, 8th, 9th, 10, 11th Floors At Various Locations On Entire Floors Noted. Reshores Must Conform To Local Law Resolve $860.00 $.00
1990/06/07 34041244Z Timco Contracting No Elevator In Readiness, Personell Elevator On East Side Of Site Not In Operation With Construction Work On Going At The 97 Foot Level. Remedy; Stop All Work Above The 75 Foot Level Untill Elevator In Read Resolve $860.00 $.00
2017/08/02 35227556J Liberty View Condominium Failure To Conspicuosly Lost Electrical Work Permit While Work Is In Progress.for Apt 10d,12d:electrical Permit.rem:post Permit. Resolve $.00 $.00
2016/12/13 35202001P Liberty View Condominium Electrical Work Without A Permit.'temporary Wiring' Roof To Mechanical Room:batch Circuits Wiring.2,60 M Sub (pmcks) Not On File. Remedy:obtain Permit. Resolve $800.00 $.00
2003/05/29 38138793H Liberty View Condominum 85u05 38p16 66p16 (85-u-05) 5year Test (38-p-16) Provide Access To Car Top (66-p-16) Provide Access To P.g Resolve $180.00 $.00
1990/06/15 34040303P Timco Contracting Co Guard Rail Not Sufficent. In That Cables Used At Permimeters Of Build-ing Used As Guard Rails And Support For Vertical Netting Are Being Wraped Around Reshores, These Reshores Are Used Partly As Storing For Resolve $2155.00 $.00
2008/05/07 38184453Z Liberty View Condominium 02x10.51k11.65i11.62h11.61l10 62x Repair Phone In Car 51k Replace Rusted Hoist Cables 65i Replace Damage Stp Sw In Pit 62h Replace Worn Brushes On Motor 61l Repair Commutator & Under Cut & Polish Resolve $350.00 $.00
2008/05/07 38184452R Liberty View Condominium 02x10.85m05.62h11.61l10. 02x Repair Phone System In Car 85m Perform & File 5yr Test 62h Replace Worn Motor Brushes 61l Repair Commutator Under-cut & Polish Resolve $350.00 $.00

Department of Buildings Complaints (10 found)

Date Filed Number Category Status
05/23/2017 1451400 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) CLOSED
12/13/2016 1439271 Electrical Wiring – Defective/Exposed CLOSED
12/13/2016 1439260 Sidewalk Shed/Supported Scaffold/Inadequate/Defective/None/No Permit/No Cert CLOSED
10/02/2012 1334806 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) CLOSED
09/29/2007 1205398 After Hours Work – Illegal CLOSED
06/14/2007 1196235 After Hours Work – Illegal CLOSED
10/24/2006 1178211 Lights from Parking Lot Shining on Building CLOSED
03/12/1996 1039906 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) CLOSED
03/12/1996 1039909 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) CLOSED
06/28/1990 1007549 Accident – Construction/Plumbing CLOSED

311 Housing Complaints (1 found)

Date Category Type Status
06/29/17 Elevator: Maintenance Non Emergency :

Work Orders (0 found)

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Cases (10 found)

Violation Date Agency Respondent Charge Result Penalty Imposed Status
09/17/18 Dep - Bureau Of Env. Complianc 3 Gabr Corp Idling Of Motor Vehicle Engine More Than Three Minutes 1st Off Defaulted $1000 Both Due
05/13/14 Fire Department Of Nyc Milford Mgmt Corp Fire Protection Systems In Violation $
05/05/11 Dept Of Transportation Consolidated Edison Fail Repair Defect.street In Area 12 Inches From Perimeter Cover Grate Defaulted $280 All Terms Met
10/13/10 Fire Department Of Nyc Milford Mgmt Corp Certificates Of Fitness And Certificates Of Qualification In Violation $ All Terms Met
03/19/09 Fire Department Of Nyc Milford Management Corp Inspection And Testing In Violation $ All Terms Met
03/19/09 Fire Department Of Nyc Milford Management Corp Inspection And Testing In Violation $ All Terms Met
05/07/08 Dept. Of Buildings Liberty View Condominium Failure To Maintain Elevator In Violation $350 All Terms Met
05/07/08 Dept. Of Buildings Liberty View Condominium Failure To Maintain Elevator In Violation $350 All Terms Met
02/22/07 Dep - Bureau Of Env. Complianc Milford Management Emission Of Air Contaminant (smoke) Regulated Sources In Violation $560 Compliance Due
04/14/04 In Violation $

Rodents (7 inspections found)

Date Result Type
07/13/18 Passed Inspection Initial
11/03/16 Passed Inspection Initial
02/20/13 Passed Inspection Initial
03/08/12 Passed Inspection Initial
03/01/11 Passed Inspection Compliance
01/10/11 Active Rat Signs Initial
01/11/10 Passed Inspection Initial

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