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Here's what you get when you rent with Augrented:


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From code violations and 311 calls to court dockets, Augrented has all the data on every rental.


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See how the buildings you're interested in stack up—sort by size, age, or quality to find the perfect rental for you! 


Landlord Information

The only source for landlord information, including contact and portfolio details, made just for their customers!

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Frequently asked questions

Augrented is a platform that provides comprehensive information on rental buildings. We offer access to crucial data, such as code violations, 311 calls, court dockets, landlord information, and building quality ratings, to help you make informed decisions when renting a property.

You can use Augrented by searching for a building in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also search for a landlord by name or portfolio.

If you are a low-income tenant, you can get a free account by contacting us at

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Renter pricing available to tenants of buildings we cover and apartment seekers (verification of status may be required for out-of-city billing addresses).


What People Say About Augrented

Discover the benefits of our comprehensive building reports from satisfied users.

I hope folks who use landlord-friendly @StreetEasy when looking for an Apt balance with Augrented and other resources to know their rights.

Rick B

The tl;dr version of how I research apartments:
1) Find a listing I like, after choosing a neighborhood/area and price point
2) Look up address on Augrented, scan all of the public info

Stephanie L

Tenants...vetting slumlord-developer malfeasance? Homework has been done...go to either @augrented or @JustFixNYC & get a profile & other data on predator owner/mgrs!

Preserve Our Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Renter pricing available to tenants of buildings we cover and apartment seekers (verification of status may be required for out-of-city billing addresses).