Building & Landlord Data for 4606 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Renter Risk Rating

Apartments at 4606 6th Avenue are more likely to have maintenance issues than 71% of NYC rentals.

Building Overview

Total units 10
Year built 1928
Total area 6286 sq ft
Floors 5
Tax Abatements None
Building Class New Law Tenement
Code Violations


Class B & C

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Rat issues


Failed inspections

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Ownership & Management

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Role Name Address
Corporate Owner 4606 6Th Avenue Condominium 4601 6Th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220
Head Officer Jose Fernandez 4601 6Th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220
Agent Jose Fernandez 4601 6Th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11220

Rent Stabilization

Year Built Units RGB registration Tax abatement
Built before 1974 More than 6 units Not registered None found
Some units may be rent stabilized. Check with DHCR for confirmation.
Source: Department of Buildings
Date Filed Number Category Status
08/12/2016 3569931 Certificate of Occupancy – None/Illegal/Contrary to Co Closed
12/31/2015 3542423 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) Closed
05/29/2008 3266517 Egress – Locked/Blocked/Improper/No Secondary Means Closed
01/18/1989 3000195 36 Closed
10/24/2013 3460080 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) Closed
07/19/2018 3658426 Debris – Excessive Closed
07/25/1997 3057368 43 Closed
07/20/2005 3163564 Site Conditions Endangering Workers Closed
05/06/1996 3047657 43 Closed
07/02/2008 3271042 Unlicensed/Illegal/Improper Electrical Work In Progress Closed
07/06/2005 3162190 Debris/Building - Falling or In Danger of Falling Closed
07/19/2018 3658425 Site Conditions Endangering Workers Closed
04/26/2006 3188871 Failure to Maintain Closed
01/20/2020 3739250 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) Closed
07/13/2020 3759795 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) Active
07/14/2020 3759856 7J Active
07/14/2020 3759856 7J Closed

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Source: HPD
Status Date Category ID Type Status
2016-03-21 00:00:00 Appliance, Refrigerator Non Emergency Close
2018-02-05 00:00:00 Heat/hot Water, Apartment Only Emergency Close
Source: DOHMH/311
Date Type Description Status

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Source: HPD
Date Filed Date Abated Item Category Status
Date Number Respondent Description Status Penalty Balance Due
Source: HPD
Open Date Case Type Status Judgement Penalty Harassment found
Source: Department of Buildings
Effective Date Rescinded Date Reason Type Units
Source: HPD Emergency Repair Program
Date Created Type Description Charge
Source: Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings
Date Agency Respondent Charge Result Penalty Status
Source: Department of Finance
Tax Class Month Water Only
Source: HPD
Start Date Start Violations Discharge Date Status
Source: LPC
Issued Date Description Status Rescinded Date
Source: Department of Investigation (DOI)
Source: Department of Buildings
Creation Date Type Status Job
Source: Department of Buildings
Creation Date Status Description Job
Source: DOHMH
Inspection Date Type Result
Source: HPD
File Date Infested Units Eradicated Units Re-infested Units Filing Start Date Filing End Date
Source: Bureau of Fire Prevention
Violation Date Description Status Number
Source: Bureau of Fire Prevention
Last Visit Date Last Full Inspection Date Last Full Inspection Status Number
Source: Bureau of Fire Prevention
Certificate Type Holder Name Expiry Date Number
Source: Bureau of Fire Prevention
Siamese Sprinklers Sprinkler Type Open Violation Notices Open Violation Orders
Source: HPD
Name Role there Address Units Violations Reg. End Date
Source: Department of Finance
Sale Date Sale Price

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Source: DocketAlarm
Date Filed Case Title Court Link
Source: Google
Date Title Description Source

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