Building & Landlord Data for 5510 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Low Risk Building

Apartments at 5510 6th Ave, Brooklyn are more likely to have maintenance issues than 19% of NYC rentals.

  • 92% chance of no major maintenance issues next year
  • 5% chance of one major maintenance issue next year
  • 3% chance of multiple major maintenance issues next year

Building Information

Total Apartments 3
Registered Rent Stabilized Apartments (2017 tax bills) None
Building Listed as Rent Stabilized by the RGB False
Building Class Three Families
Year Built 1901
Zoning Code R6A
Area 3330 sq ft
Stories 3
Tax Abatements None

Landlord Details

Role Name Address
Joint Owner Fei Xiong Huang 5510 6Th Ave, Brooklyn
Agent Xiaorong Huang 5510 6Th Avenue, Brooklyn

Building Data Preview

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Housing Protection Department Code Violations (1 found)

Date Filed Date Abated Item Category Status
06/23/14 10/01/14 Section 27-2040 Adm Code Provide Adequate Lighting At Or Near The Outside Of The Front Entranceway Of The Building And Keep Same Burning From Sunset Every Day To Sunrise On The Day Following 100 Watts Minimum Required , Light Fixture Present B Violation Closed

Environmental Control Board Violations (1 found)

Date Number Respondent Description Status Penalty Balance Due
1998/04/02 34171521N Huang Yu Rong Residence Altered For Occupancy As A Dwelling For More Than The Legally Approved Number Of Famlies. Partitions To Create Separate Rooms In Cellar. Full Bath Installed In Cellar Also. Remedy: Obtain Permit And Resolve $.00 $.00

Department of Buildings Complaints (8 found)

Date Filed Number Category Status
12/13/2010 3363683 Illegal Conversion CLOSED
11/04/2013 3461243 Illegal Conversion CLOSED
12/15/1997 3060662 Illegal Conversion CLOSED
09/11/2010 3354581 Illegal Conversion CLOSED
11/01/2020 3775189 Illegal Conversion ACTIVE
11/01/2020 3775189 Illegal Conversion ACTIVE
11/01/2020 3775189 Illegal Conversion ACTIVE
11/01/2020 3775189 Illegal Conversion CLOSED

311 Housing Complaints (0 found)

Work Orders (0 found)

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Cases (0 found)

Rodents (0 inspections found)

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