Building & Landlord Data for 1060 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

High Risk Building

Apartments at 1060 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn are more likely to have maintenance issues than 78% of NYC rentals.

  • 75% chance of no major maintenance issues next year
  • 16% chance of one major maintenance issue next year
  • 9% chance of multiple major maintenance issues next year

Building Information

Total Apartments 8
Registered Rent Stabilized Apartments (2017 tax bills) None
Building Listed as Rent Stabilized by the RGB False
Building Class Condo; Residential Unit In 2-10 Unit Bldg
Year Built 1905
Zoning Code R6B
Area 6489 sq ft
Stories 3
Tax Abatements None

Landlord Details

Role Name Address
Corporate Owner 1060 Putnam Condo Inc 1060 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn
Head Officer Willa Thompson 1060 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn
Officer Laurie Obrien 1060 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn
Agent Willa Thompson 1060 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn

Building Data Preview

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Housing Protection Department Code Violations (1 found)

Date Filed Date Abated Item Category Status
10/13/15 11/18/15 Section27-2107 Adm Code Owner Failed To File A Valid Registration Statement With The Department As Required By Adm Code ''27-2097 And Is Therefore Subject To Civil Penalties, Prohibited From Certifying Violations, And Denied The Right To Recover Possession Of Premises For Nonpayment Of Rent Until A Valid Registration Statement Is Filed. I Violation Dismissed

Environmental Control Board Violations (1 found)

Date Number Respondent Description Status Penalty Balance Due
2009/10/21 34811214X Issac Assyag Work W/o A Permit. 3 Stories Brick Building At Roof A Wood Deck Covering Entire Area Is Build W/o A Permit. Remedy: Obtain Permit Or Restore To Prior Legal Conditions. Resolve $.00 $.00

Department of Buildings Complaints (6 found)

Date Filed Number Category Status
08/05/2009 3314400 Permit – None (Building/PA/Demo etc.) CLOSED
09/25/2007 3239885 Egress – Locked/Blocked/Improper/No Secondary Means CLOSED
09/25/2007 3239888 Egress – Locked/Blocked/Improper/No Secondary Means CLOSED
05/02/2006 3189544 Safety Net/Guardrail-Damaged/Inadequate/None (over 6 Story/75 ft.) CLOSED
10/02/2002 3104852 Electrical Wiring – Defective/Exposed CLOSED
06/06/2001 3090013 Electrical Wiring – Defective/Exposed CLOSED

311 Housing Complaints (0 found)

Work Orders (10 found)

Date Created Order Type Description Charge Amount
07/31/02 Handyman apartment #3l: living room; install 1 window guard and stop. dinning room; install 1 window guard and stop. kitchen; install 1 window guard and sto $228.45
07/30/02 Handyman apartment #2l: front room; install one-way screws and stops dinning room; install one-way screws and stops. $175.98
07/26/02 Handyman apartment #1r: kitchen; install 1 window guard and stop. bathroom; install 1 window guard and stop. front room; install 2 window guard and stops. $277.98
07/26/02 Handyman apartment #2l: bathroom; install 1 window guard and stop. kitchen; install 1 window guard and stop. $0
10/19/01 Handyman public hall: replace 1 baluster. $79.61
07/23/01 Open Market keyspan-gas keyspan provide gas to boiler hot water heater. $1
06/05/01 Open Market perform mercury test on gas line. do necessary repairs on gas line where needed. secure blue card. restore gas service and hot water to building. $0
05/23/01 Open Market apartment# 1r: remove defective walls and ceiling in various rooms approx. 836 sqft. scrape, plaster and paint front bedroom 60 sqft. supply and in $4790
05/23/01 Open Market apartment# 3: perform mercery test on gas line to apartment# 3. repair line and necessary and restore gas to apartment. service permit. note: $995
04/24/01 Open Market repair water leak on cold water line between kitchen sink and bathroom. replace 2 hot and cold water shut off valve in kitchen. install 2 washers on $1913

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Cases (7 found)

Violation Date Agency Respondent Charge Result Penalty Imposed Status
05/05/19 Dos - Enforcement Agents Thompson Willa Storage Of Receptacles - 2nd Offense $100 All Terms Met
02/07/19 Dos - Enforcement Agents Willathompson Storage Of Receptacles $100 All Terms Met
09/27/18 Sanitation Others Condo Owner Manager Presid Dirty Sidewalk Dirty Area $100 All Terms Met
06/05/18 Sanitation Recycling Willathompson Dirty Sidewalk Dirty Area $100 All Terms Met
04/16/14 Att Condo President-mgmt-owner Improper Disposal Bedding 1st Offense $100
10/21/09 Dept. Of Buildings Issac Assyag Work Without A Permit Dismissed $ All Terms Met
08/19/09 Sanitation Others Att Condo President Failure To Properly Put Recyclables Out For Collection Defaulted $25 All Terms Met

Rodents (5 inspections found)

Date Result Type
03/13/20 Passed Initial
09/16/19 Passed Initial
03/05/19 Passed Initial
09/11/18 Passed Initial
03/23/18 Passed Initial

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