Building & Landlord Data for 214 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Moderate Risk Building

Apartments at 214 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn are more likely to have maintenance issues than 55% of NYC rentals.

  • 76% chance of no major maintenance issues next year
  • 16% chance of one major maintenance issue next year
  • 8% chance of multiple major maintenance issues next year

Building Information

Total Apartments 3
Registered Rent Stabilized Apartments (2017 tax bills) None
Building Listed as Rent Stabilized by the RGB True
Building Class Three Families
Year Built 2004
Zoning Code R6
Area 5000 sq ft
Stories 4
Tax Abatements None

Landlord Details

Role Name Address
Joint Owner Keng Ing 214 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn
Agent Yi Ing 214 Montrose Av, Brooklyn

Building Data Preview

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Housing Protection Department Code Violations (1 found)

Date Filed Date Abated Item Category Status
10/26/18 12/12/18 Section27-2107 Adm Code Owner Failed To File A Valid Registration Statement With The Department As Required By Adm Code Ï¿½27-2097 And Is Therefore Subject To Civil Penalties, Prohibited From Certifying Violations, And Denied The Right To Recover Possession Of Premises For Nonpayment Of Rent Until A Valid Registration Statement Is Filed. I Violation Dismissed

Environmental Control Board Violations (8 found)

Date Number Respondent Description Status Penalty Balance Due
2004/08/24 34439163R Wong Shan Constrcut Faiure To Provide Approved Plans At Premises At Time Of Inspection Upon Inspection Of Above Property Roof Deck Costruction In Progress No Structural Plans On Site At The Time Of Inspection Stop All Construction Resolve $130.00 $.00
2004/06/10 34436167K Wong Shan Constrution Failure To Provide Protection @ Sides Of Excavation Depth Of Excavatedarea Is Approx 9ft And No Shoring Or Underpinning Provided Adjacent Property#216 Is Undermined Remedy:provide Shoring Or Under Pinning Resolve $1000.00 $.00
1994/09/08 34116798Y Global Craft Corp Occupancy Contrary To Building Department Records:building Demolished (permit #734(79)-vacant Land To Storage Of 3 Vehicles And 1 Truck. Remedy:discontinue Illegal Use. Resolve $.00 $.00
1996/03/04 34135418R Global Craft Corp Work Without A Permit: Work Noted: 15' Curb-cut At Front Sidewalk. Remedy: Obtain Curb Cut Permit Only Feasible (or) Restore To Prwr Legal Condition. Resolve $.00 $.00
1994/09/08 34116795Z Global Craft Corp Work Without A Permit In That:having Created A 15 Foot Curb Cut At Thefront Sidewalk To Provide Access Into The Yard For Storing 3 Vehicles And 1 Truck.obtain A Permit Or Restore To Prior Legal Condition. Resolve $.00 $.00
1996/03/04 34135417P Globoucraft Corp Illegal Use In A Residential Disstrict: Parking And Storage Of Seven Motor Vehicles In A - Zoned Area. Remedy: Disontinue Illegal Use Forthwith. Resolve $475.00 $.00
1998/02/06 34171834Y Globalcraft Corp Work Without A Permit. Work Noted: Having Created A Curb Cut Approx 15' Feet At Fron Of Property Without A Permit From This Department. Remedy: Obtain A Permit If Feasible Or Restore Curb. Resolve $.00 $.00
2004/08/24 34439162P Wong Shan Construction Dot Permit Not Posted Upon Inspection Of Above Property Bldg To Roof Construction Materials Stored In Front Of Bldg On Sidewalk No Dot Permit Posted Remedy:post Or Obtain Dot Permit Resolve $400.00 $.00

Department of Buildings Complaints (1 found)

Date Filed Number Category Status
06/15/1994 3035584 Curb Cut/Driveway/Carport – Illegal CLOSED

311 Housing Complaints (0 found)

Work Orders (0 found)

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Cases (7 found)

Violation Date Agency Respondent Charge Result Penalty Imposed Status
10/21/19 Pcs - Dohmh Yining Fail To Eliminate Rodent Infestation Shown By Active Rodent Signs 1st In Violation $300 Penalty Due
09/14/16 Yiing Failure To Clean 18 Inches Into Street $100
06/16/07 Sanitation Recycling Yiing Failure To Bundle Newspapers Magazines Cardboard $25 All Terms Met
12/23/04 In Violation $100
08/24/04 In Violation $400 Compliance Due
08/24/04 In Violation $130 Compliance Due
06/10/04 In Violation $1000

Rodents (6 inspections found)

Date Result Type
10/21/19 Rat Activity Compliance
09/12/19 Rat Activity Initial
04/11/19 Passed Compliance
03/07/19 Rat Activity Initial
09/07/18 Passed Initial
03/09/18 Passed Initial

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