Building & Landlord Data for 833 52nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Moderate Risk Building

Apartments at 833 52nd St, Brooklyn are more likely to have maintenance issues than 47% of NYC rentals.

  • 81% chance of no major maintenance issues next year
  • 12% chance of one major maintenance issue next year
  • 7% chance of multiple major maintenance issues next year

Building Information

Total Apartments 6
Registered Rent Stabilized Apartments (2017 tax bills) None
Building Listed as Rent Stabilized by the RGB True
Building Class Five To Six Families
Year Built 1931
Zoning Code R6
Area 4680 sq ft
Stories 3
Tax Abatements None

Landlord Details

Role Name Address
Joint Owner Lim Kwong Han 830 56Th St, Brooklyn
Agent Lim Kwong Han 830 56 Street, Brooklyn

Building Data Preview

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Housing Protection Department Code Violations (0 found)

Environmental Control Board Violations (1 found)

Date Number Respondent Description Status Penalty Balance Due
1997/05/21 32014998Z Han Jack Yard Install Back Flow Preventor Emergence Switch Out Side Boiler Room Doormissing Resolve $.00 $.00

Department of Buildings Complaints (0 found)

311 Housing Complaints (0 found)

Work Orders (0 found)

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Cases (6 found)

Violation Date Agency Respondent Charge Result Penalty Imposed Status
08/28/19 Dos - Enforcement Agents Jack Yardhan Storage Of Receptacles $100 All Terms Met
12/12/07 Dos - Enforcement Agents Jack Yardhan Improper Misused Curbside Recycling Container $25 All Terms Met
02/17/05 $100
12/19/02 $50
12/14/02 $50
02/28/01 $50

Rodents (0 inspections found)

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