Building & Landlord Data for 630 40th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121

Renter Risk Rating
50 %

50% chance of no major maintenance issues next year

High Risk Building

Apartments at 630 40th Ave are more likely to have maintenance issues than 87% of SF rentals.

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Building Overview
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Total Apartments 2
Class Flats & Duplex
Area 2150 sq ft
Stories 2
Zoning Residential- House, Two Family

Code Violations

DBI violations


DBI complaints


Fire issues

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Ownership & Management

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Name Address Owner since
Erlich Family Trust Shlomo & Tamar Erlich, Ttee P O Box 546 San Anselmo Ca 94960

Building records

Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Division Description Status Number
10/01/15 08/11/16 Housing Inspection Services Inadequate maintenance, shingles on house are falling off; peeling paint Not Active 201572261
09/30/15 Code Enforcement Section Rain water leader (side of the house) is not connected to the sewer line and creates a water fall when it rain and runs into my property. Not Active 201571961
08/04/08 11/07/08 Housing Inspection Services The complainants ceiling has caved in and is unsafe. almost a clear view of tenants above the tenant. Not Active 200867753
05/08/08 08/01/08 Housing Inspection Services Illegal ujnit constructed at above address. basement unit. Not Active 200857192
01/03/08 10/09/08 Housing Inspection Services No lights in stairwells in 3 story building; exposed wires in garage; problem with electrical meters; 3 units in building - per property profile, is a two family home; no separate mailboxes or no separate doorbells. Not Active 200837633
06/07/06 06/12/06 Housing Inspection Services Broken side door Not Active 200670374
05/12/06 Housing Inspection Services Front stairs are cracked. no smoke detectors. lead paint in backyard. heater has been broken for over a year. possible illegal units. Active 200669644
05/12/06 06/16/10 Building Inspection Division 2nd floor flat - no heat and bldg is tihing. Not Active 200669641
11/08/05 06/22/06 Code Enforcement Section Jacking up the house, this is a three story bldg, tenants are afraid the house might fall down. life hazard. Not Active 200564649
11/04/96 11/06/96 Housing Inspection Services Upper unit's bathroom fallen into his unit, no smoke detector, possible illegal unit. Not Active 199601985

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Source: SF 311, City & County of San Francisco
Date Category Agency Type Details Status

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Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Violation Description Status
Source: SF Department of Public Health
Date Business Name Inspection Type Violation Risk Score
Source: SF Fire Department
Violation Date Close Date Address Description Penalty Amount Status
Source: SF Fire Department
Date Primary Situation Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Complaint Date Disposition Date Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Inspection Date Correction Date Description Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Cost Description Status Number
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Description Status Number
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Type Status Number
Source: SF Planning
Date Address Description Developer
Source: Department of Finance
Date Disclosed Date Agreed Amount Number of Tenants
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Address Units Class Code
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Tier Status
Source: DocketAlarm
Date Filed Case Title Court Link

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