Building & Landlord Data for 822 39Th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Moderate Risk Building

Apartments at 822 39Th Ave are more likely to have maintenance issues than 35% of SF rentals.

  • 70% chance of no maintenance issues next year
  • 30% chance of at least one code violation next year

Building Information

Total Apartments 2
Class Multi-Family Residential
Year Built None
Zoning Code RH2
Area 2620 sq ft
Stories 2
Tax Abatements NA
Owner Name Hecker Julia
Owner Since 08/03/17

Department of Building Inspection Violations (0 found)

Building Complaints (1 found)

Complaint Number Date Filed Date Abated Division Description Status
201877059 07/11/18 Building Inspection Division Date last observed: 10-jul-18; exact location: main bldg; building type: residence/dwelling other housing; ; additional information: possible unpermitted living space in attic with kitchen sink and counter and oven: (see ref to one bedroom unit legality); Not Active

Owner Portfolio (1 found)

Address Units Class
0000 0822 39Th Av 2 Flats & Duplex

311 Calls (DPH & DBI only) (0 found)

Health Inspections (food service) (0 found)

Health Inspections (apartments) - data coming soon!

Soft Story Retrofit Program (0 found)

Section 604 Affidavit (0 found)

Planning Records (0 found)

Building Permits (1 found)

Permit Number Creation Date Cost Description Status
201803052852 03/05/18 $20000 Cabinets upgrade electrical, new island w/sink (relocated) - kitchen remodel Complete

Electrical Permits (2 found)

Permit Number Creation Date Description Status
E201805183243 05/18/18 Kitchen remodel Complete
E20041116037 11/16/04 Replace service 200amp 2 meter sockers , 2 circuit breaker panels Complete

Plumbing Permits (3 found)

Permit Number Creation Date Type Status
PMW20180618568 06/18/18 Complete
PW20180430444 04/30/18 Complete
PW20140114231 01/14/14 Expired

Fire Violations (0 found)

Fire Complaints (0 found)

Fire Incidents (0 found)

Fire Inspections (0 found)

Buyouts (0 found)

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