Building & Landlord Data for 1370 08Th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Renter Risk Rating

55% chance of no major maintenance issues next year

Moderate Risk Building

Apartments at 1370 08Th Ave are more likely to have maintenance issues than 69% of SF rentals.

Building Overview
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Total Apartments 6
Class Multi-Family Residential
Area 4308 sq ft
Stories 2
Owner Name Yee Philip Shiu-Wai & Nancy
Owner Since 07/14/03

Code Violations

DBI violations


311 & DBI complaints


Fire violations & incidents

Building records

Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Violation Description Status
12/11/07 01/16/08 Install directional signs at (801, 1001(m) hc) Garage & open lightwell w/ fixed fire escape ladder: provide large exit signs indicating direction from inside garage through open lightwell w/ fixed fire escape into lobby/street: mount exit signs on doors inside garages mount another exit sign on door inside open lightwell/corridors with fixed fire escape ladder all directional signs must indicate direction to lobby/street. remove any & all directional signs that indicate direction into backyard or garage. Not active
12/11/07 01/16/08 This notice includes violations for the areas noted. 1370 08th ave.: Not active
12/11/07 01/16/08 Provide missing hardware &/or repair door closers to smoke enclosure doors (807, 1001(b.13)(d)(j) hc) Garbage rm. Door & doors to lightwell w/ fixed fire escape ladder: adjust door closers &/or doors as required. all doors shall close and latch without any outside assistance, be tight fitting and shall remain closed when not in use. remove all permanent hardware and/or temporary door stops used to hold doors open. note: doors shall be fire-rated as required. do not cut or alter fire-rated doors in any way, because to do so destroys its fire rating. if doors are replaced, then a building permit is required. Not active
12/11/07 01/16/08 Inspector comments Important note: it is the owner's responsibility to attend the reinspection scheduled at end of notice, or to send a representative and provide access to the areas cited. if this is not possible the owner must arrange other inspections until compliance is confirmed. it is also the owner's responsibility to provide prior notification of intended entry to all affected tenants per california civil code 1954 (303b hc) note: in order to avoid telephone tag, please do not leave phone messages to request alternate reinspection dates. please call & speak with me directly to reschedule a reinspection. otherwise feel free to leave messages regarding all other matters. i am available by phone between the hours of 8 & 9 am or 4 & 5 pm. if i do not answer the telephone during these hours, then phone the front desk @ 558.6220 and ask the attendant on duty for my whereabouts. thank you. Not active
03/01/01 03/30/01 Post enclosed gas meter instructional diagram in a public area. (712 hc) Not active
03/01/01 03/30/01 Remove egress obstruction at fire escape stair (801,1001(l) hc) Note: this area to remain clear from stored items at all time. Not active
03/01/01 03/30/01 Repair damaged ceilings (1001b,h,o hc) Repair damaged ceiling in garage area. use similar materials and fire tape to maintain fire rating. Not active
03/01/01 03/30/01 Repair damaged walls (1001b,h,o hc) Repair damaged walls in garage area. use similar materials and fire tape to maintain fire rating. Not active
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Division Description Status Number
12/11/07 01/16/08 Housing Inspection Services Routine Not Active 200734988
03/01/01 03/30/01 Housing Inspection Services Routine inspection Not Active 200114869
Source: SF 311, City & County of San Francisco
Date Category Agency Type Details Status
Source: SF Department of Public Health
Date Business Name Inspection Type Violation Risk Score
Source: SF Fire Department
Violation Date Close Date Address Description Penalty Amount Status
Source: SF Fire Department
Date Primary Situation Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Complaint Date Disposition Date Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Inspection Date Correction Date Description Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Cost Description Status Number
08/27/18 $ Street space Issued M970827
06/01/18 $ Street space Issued M933347
11/07/17 $11800 Install vinyl siding to all right back wall. not visible from street. no structural changes. 800sf. Issued 201711073424
05/04/17 $1000 Replace rotten beam in front of building about 4 feet. repair stucco siding in-kind. Complete 201705045721
06/09/15 $2000 Install hardee siding to right side of building visable from street, no structural changes, 500 sq. ft. Complete 201506098441
03/05/07 $ Street space permit Issued M59528
08/10/98 $5500 Reroofing Expired 9815452
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Description Status Number
11/30/05 200 amp upgrade. Complete E200511303078
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Type Status Number
Source: SF Planning
Date Address Description Developer
05/04/17 1370 08Th Ave 94122 Repair stucco siding in-kind visible from street. No other work. , YEE PHILIP SHIU-WAI & NANCY MAY Y
06/09/15 1370 08Th Ave 94122 Replace siding at side of house, visible from street, in-kind with composite material. Yee, Nancy
Source: Department of Finance
Date Disclosed Date Agreed Amount Number of Tenants
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Address Units Class Code
0000 1370 08Th Av 6 Apartment 5 to 14 Units
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Tier Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Affidavit Date

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