Building & Landlord Data for 1337 08Th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Renter Risk Rating

70% chance of no major maintenance issues next year

Moderate Risk Building

Apartments at 1337 08Th Ave are more likely to have maintenance issues than 33% of SF rentals.

Building Overview
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Total Apartments 3
Class Multi-Family Residential
Area 1800 sq ft
Stories 2
Owner Name Maloney Sarah A
Owner Since 04/20/12

Code Violations

DBI violations


311 & DBI complaints


Fire violations & incidents

Building records

Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Violation Description Status
01/27/10 05/11/10 Repair roof deck (1001(b)(13) hc) Roof deck: it must be thin 4' x 4' each ( pallet type ) or replace with new deck under building permit. Not active
01/27/10 05/11/10 Provide fire extinguisher type 2a 10bc or equivalent.(905, 1001(n)hc) Each floor. Not active
01/27/10 05/11/10 This notice includes violations for the areas noted. Commion area unless otherwise noted. Not active
01/27/10 05/11/10 Permanently remove combustible storage or provide automatic fire sprinklers. (904, 1001(i) hc) An area under rear stair and passageway ( such as paint cans ) Not active
01/27/10 05/11/10 Provide handrails (802(c),1001(b)(13)hc) Provide handrail ( 1-1/4" dia. Min.- 2" dia.max. ) above existing 2 x 4 guardrail at rear stair. Not active
01/27/10 05/11/10 Inspector comments It is the property owner's responsibility to be present or direct his/her representative to attend, the reinspection as scheduled on this notice of violation for the purpose of providing entry to the inspector of those areas not accessed during the initial inspection as specified, and/or to provide access to all areas cited within this notice. if the property owner cannot attend the scheduled reinspection (as specified on this notice) it is his/her responsibility to secure a different inspection date and time with the inspector, and provide all tenants with notification as required by california civil code section 1954 (san francisco housing code section 303(b), if any dwellings, apartment units or guest rooms are to be accessed during the reinspection. Not active
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Date Filed Date Abated Division Description Status Number
01/27/10 05/11/10 Housing Inspection Services Routine, 4 units Not Active 201032143
05/09/01 05/09/01 Housing Inspection Services Routine inspection Not Active 200117290
Source: SF 311, City & County of San Francisco
Date Category Agency Type Details Status
06/24/20 General Request - DPH DPH - Environmental Health - G Customer callback Environmental health - customer callback Case Transferred - DPH Environmental Health Healthy Housing & Vector Control Program 415-252-3805
Source: SF Department of Public Health
Date Business Name Inspection Type Violation Risk Score
Source: SF Fire Department
Violation Date Close Date Address Description Penalty Amount Status
Source: SF Fire Department
Date Primary Situation Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Complaint Date Disposition Date Description Disposition
Source: SF Fire Department
Inspection Date Correction Date Description Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Cost Description Status Number
01/29/15 $ Street space Issued M554987
04/13/10 $ Street space and sidewalk Issued M197426
09/27/96 $3800 Reroofing Expired 9618493
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Description Status Number
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Creation Date Type Status Number
01/29/15 Complete PW20150129578 11/19/09 Complete PP20091119479
Source: SF Planning
Date Address Description Developer
Source: Department of Finance
Date Disclosed Date Agreed Amount Number of Tenants
Source: Assessor-Recorder
Address Units Class Code
1339 1337 08Th Av 3 Flats & Duplex
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Tier Status
Source: SF Department of Building Inspection
Affidavit Date

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